Rail tank cars for liquefied gases

4-axle tank car for liquefied gas (propane-butane),
design 15-903R

Purpose:transportation of liquefied gas (propane - butane)
Cargo capacity, ton:22.9
Tare weight, ton:31
Volume of shell, cub.m: 
Designed speed, km/hour:120
Clearance limit02-┬╠(02-Ď)
Rigid wheelset, mm7,800
Length, mm: 
      Between axles of couplers12,020
      Between end beams of frame10,800
Maximum height from rail head, mm:4,591
Number of axles:4
Design of 2-axle bogie:18-100
Transitional foot-path No
Parking brake Yes
Internal diameter of shell, mm:2,600
Number of upper hatches:1
Steam jacketNo
Protective valveYes
Loading and discharge:Upper, under pressure of inert gas
╠aximum temperature of loaded freight, 0Đ:- 40 + 60